Storing Collectibles and Memorabilia

If you collect memorabilia, especially sports memorabilia; fine art, paintings; and collectibles you have probably put both a lot of time and money into this hobby. Environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity, mold, mildew, water, and sunlight can easily harm and damage your collectibles and memorabilia and make a big difference in keeping collectibles in mint condition. The difference in price between collectibles and memorabilia in mint condition versus good condition can be quite staggering. Most dealers admit that you will probably have trouble selling memorabilia and paintings for top dollar unless they are kept in top-notch condition. Gotham Mini Storage’s climate controlled storage facility, located in Manhattan, is the perfect place to store collectibles, paintings, fine art, and memorabilia for people and businesses alike who reside in the West Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and Hell’s Kitchen sections of Manhattan.

Damage to artwork, collectibles, memorabilia, certificates, and old photos can be avoided with just a little bit of effort. Damage to paintings can be eliminated by storing them properly and protecting them.

Best Storing Conditions for Collectibles and Memorabilia

  • The temperature and humidity of the storing location is vital in preserving sports collectible memorabilia and keeping it in top condition. Storage conditions for your collectibles should be kept between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity kept at 50%. Gotham Mini Storage’s climate controlled facility keeps temperature and humidity at optimal healthy conditions for storing your collectibles.
  • Mold and mildew spores can destroy paper and leather-based products which could damage your collectibles.
  • Too much moisture can corrode and rust metal items, which can result in collateral damage to you memorabilia.
  • Keep collectible sports memorabilia in air-tight acid-free storage boxes specifically designed for archival purposes.
  • Protect from water, both flooding and leaks.
  • Avoid storing paper based artwork and collectibles from strong sunlight.
  • Keep humidity to around 50% to prevent mold growth and protect the canvas and wood on paintings from drying out.
  • Keep paintings in their frames for added support and protection.
  • Put cardboard between framed art to keep dirt, dust, and any mold away from canvas and prints.
  • Pack small collectibles in Gotham Mini Storage’s durable storage boxes.
  • Wrap memorabilia and collectibles with Gotham Mini Storage’s wrapping paper and bubble wrap for added protection.
  • Check items periodically to make sure they have not moved or shifted.
  • Keep paintings and collectibles off the floor and on shelves.

Following these storage guidelines for putting away your memorabilia and collections, will go a long way when it comes to protecting your valuable collectibles and artwork. It will help to keep them in top-notch condition and result in higher prices when the times comes to sell them. Keep in mind that these conditions are very difficult to regulate at home and storing your collectibles, breakables, artwork and memorabilia in your home garage, attic or basement will make them vulnerable to humidity, insects, dust and water damage.

Gotham Mini Storage’s climate controlled units can provide these optimum storage conditions to keep these items safe. We sell quality moving supplies and packing supplies such as wrapping paper for storage, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and moving boxes in several sizes, including: small moving boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, extra large moving boxes, and wardrobe boxes to help keep your collectibles and memorabilia dry, safe, and protected. Each unit can be customized with as many shelves as you need to make your unit as functional as possible for your storage needs. Ask the Store Manager to recommend the number and sizes of moving boxes and packing supplies to best protect all of your valuable collectibles.