Gotham Mini Storage Packing and Moving Supplies

Gotham Mini Storage, located within walking distance to the Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, West Village and Greenwich Village areas of Manhattan understands the right packing and moving supplies makes all the difference when it comes to packing up your valuables and keeping them safe when moving into your new storage facility. That’s why we sell a large assortment of supplies from our location. You can purchase quality moving supplies and packing supplies such as wrapping paper for storage, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and moving boxes in several sizes, including: small moving boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, extra large moving boxes, and wardrobe boxes. To calculate which size storage unit you need, use Gotham Mini Storage’s storage unit size guide. Ask the Store Manager to recommend the number and sizes of moving boxes to best fit your storage unit.

To purchase moving supplies, please visit our Gotham Mini Storage facility located at 501 10th Avenue in Manhattan or call us at 646-679-2514 to speak with any of our friendly staff. Gotham Mini Storage goes the extra mile for you with all moving supplies conveniently available for purchase at our storage facility. This makes moving, packing and storing your valued possessions as safe and convenient as possible.

Small Moving Boxes – 16″ x 10″ x 10″ Moving Boxes

These boxes, often referred to as the book or record box, are great for shipping, moving or storing: books, collectibles and lots of household and kitchen items (cans and jars of food, utensils, flatware), paintings, pictures, records, shoes and mirrors. Back Safety Tip: Remember to put your heaviest items, like books, in smaller boxes so you don’t injure your back! It will make your move easier.

Medium Moving Boxes – 18″ x 14″ x 12″ Moving Boxes

This box is not too little and not too big. Our sturdy, high-quality medium sized boxes are just the right size for moving, shipping or storing most of your household items, so are perfect for a mixture of light and heavy items.

Large Moving Boxes – 20″ x 20″ x 15″ Moving Boxes

Gotham Mini Storage’s large moving boxes are the ones to choose to pack up clothes, bedroom linens, towels and any bulky household items. Choose large moving boxes to move and store all of your larger household items, including collectibles, holiday decorations, serving platters, lamps, stereos and computer equipment. Moving tip: Remember as the box gets larger, use for lighter objects such as pillows, bedding and stuffed animals.

XLarge Moving Boxes – 23″x23″x16″ Moving Boxes

Gotham Mini Storage’s sturdy, high-quality x-large moving boxes are the right choice for shipping, storing and moving all of your bigger and bulkier household items, like comforters, blankets, clothes, and pillows. To make your move easier, remember that these boxes are big so you’ll want to fill them with your lighter items so you don’t injure your back when moving them.

Wardrobe Boxes- 24″ x 24″ x 40″ Wardrobe Boxes

This is the most efficient way to store your clothes that are in your closet. Our extra-strength wardrobe boxes come with a sturdy metal hanging bar so you can just take them from your closet to your wardrobe box. It keeps your clothes clean and practically wrinkle-free during your storage move.

Packing Tape

Tape reinforces corners and keeps thing sturdier, so don’t hold back on the packing tape. Make sure you use tape to keep boxes closed and for additional support.

Bubble Wrap

When moving and storing fragile items, protection should be a primary concern. Gotham Mini Storage sells many different types of cushioning products, such as bubble wrap, packing paper and foam peanuts. Make sure to wrap your breakables so they don’t break.