Gotham Mini Storage’s Climate Controlled Storage Facility in Manhattan

So, what exactly does a climate control storage facility mean? A climate controlled storage facility maintains a steady temperature of 60–80° throughout the year, by using central air conditioning and heat keeping the temperature of the storage unit below 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Maintaining a controlled environment minimizes the risk of mold and mildew, warping, cracking and splitting, rust, yellowing and corrosion, bacteria overgrowth, and infestation of wasps, mice, and termites.

Gotham Mini Storage’s climate-controlled storage in New York is the ideal place to store anything that you want to protect from fluctuating temperatures as well as against mold and mildew. Since the average temperature for New York summers is over eighty degrees and New York winter temperatures often go below freezing, Gotham Mini Storage’s controlled storage units in Manhattan are perfect to store all of your important office files and documents, leather and wood furniture, oil paintings, musical instruments, computers and video equipment, mattresses, pianos, and baby furniture which are susceptible to mold and mildew and easily damaged by warping, cracking and splitting.

Gotham Mini Storage’s climate controlled storage located in Manhattan, NYC will keep all of your items, safe and secure, especially items with sentimental value or historical documents for your business. Gotham mini storage units come in all sizes, providing you the flexibility to store large and small items that are extremely sensitive to cold and high heat, such as comic books, antique furniture and photographs. With storage facilities, ranging in sizes from small (4 x 4 x 4) to oversized (20 x 80) you will find the perfect sized unit to keep your items safe from mold and mildew and extreme weather conditions.

Gotham Mini Climate Controlled Storage Units Are Perfect For:

  • Important office files and documents
  • Personal records
  • Family photographs
  • Albums, books and videotapes
  • Small antiques and heirlooms
  • Fine linens, clothing and furs
  • Craft supplies
  • Cameras, televisions, and stereos
  • Archival documents, tax files, & other paperwork

Gotham Mid-Sized Climate Controlled Self Storage Units Are Perfect For:

  • Leather furniture
  • Wood furniture
  • Baby furniture
  • Valuable oil paintings and other fine art
  • Musical instruments
  • Audio and video equipment
  • Computers
  • Tools and machines
  • Products and supplies
  • Pharmaceutical samples and medical supplies

Gotham Extra-Large Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units Are Perfect For:

  • Mattresses
  • Large leather or wood furniture
  • Pianos
  • Large tools and machines
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Construction supplies
  • Seasonal inventory

Protect your valuables from mold, mildew and damaging cold or extremely hot temperatures with a climate controlled self storage facility at Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan, NYC. Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you! Call Gotham Mini Storage at 646-679-2514 to tour our facility and reserve your climate controlled self storage rental unit. Keep in mind, that if you access your stored items frequently to add, remove or organize them, you’ll want a well-lit unit with regulated temperatures, easy access, and monitored security systems to make your extra space feel more like home.