Gotham Mini Storage Has Record Rental Month

gotham mini storage interiorGotham Mini Storage, located in Manhattan, had a record May 2017 rental activity month. With 350 units rented in month in May, it was a company record and may be the record of the largest number of rentals anywhere any month.

The facility opened in 2013 and is 150,000 square feet on multiple levels. Broadway Storage Partners, LLC, which is owned by Jack Guttman and Steve Schwartz is the flagship of their operation.

Both partners have numerous storage facilities around the metropolitan New York market but Gotham Mini is the Manhattan jewel.

“We always experience a flood of customers (mostly students) in the beginning of the summer but we never had anything like this” said Jack Guttman. “Our normal rental activity is around 100 per month, but we geared up for the move ins this year and the results were amazing.”

Gotham Mini is located at 501 Tenth Avenue and is a state of the art facility with climate control storage, interior loading docks, full video security, enormous freight elevators, wifi, and they are very business friendly and they cater to growing businesses with business storage units.

“We are operating at full capacity now and hope to bring on more facilities in the future” said Guttman.

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Gotham Mini Storage was featured in an article about the thriving self storage industry in New York. The photos for the story were taken at our site, showcasing the one-of-a-kind views from our storage unit floors and our lobby, which offers free Wi-Fi.

Self-Storage Thrives in Cramped New York City

Decluttering may be what New Yorkers talk about, but what they really do is rent more space. And self-storage companies and real-estate investors are ready and waiting to fill the demand.

Charles Z. Alvarez is an example of the dream tenant. The 33-year-old asset manager rented a storage space a few years ago when he was preparing to sell his 600-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood.

Today, Mr. Alvarez lives in a larger space farther north, in Williamsburg, but still rents the storage space.

To read more, visit the WSJ site.

For information about our mini storage units, please contact us, and be sure to ask about our rental specials!

Entrepreneurs Priced Out of Manhattan Rental Market Move Offices to Gotham Mini Storage

PRWeb Newswire, February 28, 2014, New York, NY – Manhattan business owners – particularly those who are just starting out – are finding affordable office space from an unlikely source: Midtown’s Gotham Mini Storage.

While most of the mini-storage facility’s commercial clients rent units to keep important business-related information and equipment, many run their businesses from the 140,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building, according to Steve Schwartz, who co-owns Gotham Mini Storage with partner Jack Guttman.

“They’re taking advantage of our lounge, coffee bar and free Wi-Fi, which they have full access to as customers,” Schwartz says. “Of course, the majority of our business clients primarily use storage to keep important business documents and supplies while moving offices or while in transition.”

With average asking rents for Manhattan offices hovering around $64 per square foot, it’s no wonder struggling entrepreneurs are looking toward unconventional (and more cost-effective options) such as Gotham, which was named the 2013 Facility of the Year Conversion Winner by Mini-Storage Messenger magazine, a trade publication for self-storage owners.

“The cost of renting office space can be prohibitive, particularly here in Midtown Manhattan,” explains Schwartz who transformed part of a DHL service building into the gleaming facility, located near some of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods including Chelsea, Greenwich Village, West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Broadway and Times Square.

“We have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer spectacular views of the city skyline,” he notes. “Working here sure beats working at your kitchen table or the local coffee shop.”

Schwartz estimates his renter demographics are split equally between business clients and individuals using their rental units for personal storage.

Gotham Mini Storage is located at 501 10th Avenue, extending the entire block between 38th and 39th Streets. For more information, please visit or call 646-679-2514.

Mini-Storage Messenger Magazine Names Gotham Mini Storage the 2013 Facility of the Year Conversion Winner

PRWeb Newswire, January 6, 2014, New York, NY – Gotham Mini Storage, one of Manhattan’s newest storage facilities, has been named the 2013 Facility of the Year Conversion Winner by Mini-Storage Messenger Magazine, a trade publication for self-storage owners.

“This is such an honor for us, as we’re the first new storage development to open in Manhattan in 10 years,” says Steve Schwartz, co-owner of Gotham Mini Storage. “New York is not an easy market to break in to and this recognition is a wonderful affirmation for us.”

Co-owners Jack Guttman and Schwartz transformed part of a DHL service building into a 140,000-square-foot state-of-the-art mini-storage location, complete with amenities like fully climate-controlled units, free Wi-Fi access, use of a free move-in van and a coffee bar and lounge with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline.

Units available range from 4’x4’ lockers to 80’x20’ extra-large rooms – meaning there is a perfect size for everyone with storage needs, especially in a city where space is at such a premium.

“The average client using Gotham’s units for personal reasons don’t need a huge unit – they just need a little extra space,” says Schwartz, who, as co-owner of Broadway Storage with Guttman, oversees 40 other storage facilities. “What they’re looking for is simply an extension of their existing closet, a place to keep winter or summer clothes, that oversized item they can’t part with – things like that.”

With amenities like a coffee bar, lounge and free shuttle service that are not often found in a storage facility – and one that is located in Midtown Manhattan ­­– Schwartz says that everyone who uses Gotham Mini Storage isn’t just storing off-season clothing and grandma’s hand-me-downs.

“Many of our clients run businesses from the facility, taking full advantage of our lounge and free Wi-Fi, which they have full access to as customers,” Schwartz says. “Of course, clients also use storage to keep important business-related information while moving offices or while in transition.”

Gotham Mini Storage is located at 501 10th Avenue, extending the entire block between 38th and 39th Streets. For more information, please visit or call 212- 931-5731.

Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan NYC Goes Green – Very Green

While many self-storage facilities have been taking advantage of the assorted government incentives to put in solar arrays, Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan New York City has taken a step further with the installation of a state-of-the-art “cogeneration” power plant.

Cogeneration (sometimes said as combined heat and power or “CHP”) uses excess heat from the onsite production of electricity to both heat and cool a building. Gotham Mini’s self storage facility in Manhattan NYC uses advanced natural gas fed mini turbines (which are basically little jet engines) to supply the electricity employed by the facility.
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Latest in Self Storage Industry Sep 20, 2013

From the good one self storage company is doing for flood victims in Colorado to the man who was surprised to find an NBA star’s items in a unit he just bought here are some interesting news and articles on the self storage front.

Off The List: Self storage’s surprising space
The Business Review
The Self storage sector is an industry that generally doesn’t get a ton of publicity. But it’s a sector that has seen some explosive growth over the past few decades, according to figures from the Self Storage Association, a national trade group. This article has some interesting stats on the self-storage industry.
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Gotham Mini Storage Boasts Killer Views of Manhattan–Along With a ‘Very Personable’ Approach

If you think you need your GPS to find the Gotham Mini Storage building at the corner or 10th and West 39th Street, you might feel a bit silly. The six story building of brightly branded red-and-yellow architecture is difficult not to find. It’s one of the latest competitors in New York City’s self-storage market.

“What’s great is, we’re very personable here,” facility manager Adam Goldstein says of his colleagues “We don’t work on commission; we work together as a team. If somebody comes in and deals with me, they can come back and deal with Kaley, Amanda or Alex. It’s a laid-back atmosphere.”
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Student Summer Storage Special

Check out our Student Summer Storage Special at Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan. We’re at it again! Great contests and great student specials go hand in hand. Now we are introducing our student summer storage specials starting from $150. NYC area students have a chance to win FREE storage. Check us out Gotham Mini Storage Student Summer Special on Facebook for more details!
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Gotham Mini Storage Launches NYC’s Most Cramped Space Contest

We have launched “NYC’s Most Cramped Space Contest”. Celebrity judges Rebecca Cole and Leslie Modell will pick the winners. Winners with the most cramped space in New York will win up to a free year of storage space at Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan and get room makeover tips from our celebrity judges. Entering this contest is very easy. Simply post pictures of your most cramped living spaces (bedrooms, kitchens, closets, or living rooms) to our Facebook page. Our celebrity judges will review these pictures and select a winner.

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New York Times Self Storage Interview

Gotham Mini Storage Location

Gotham Mini Storage recently opened a self-storage facility at 510 10th Avenue.

Gotham Mini Storage will be changing the way self-storage business is done in Manhattan. Owners, Steve Schwartz and Jack Guttman, couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of their newest self storage facility in Manhattan, NYC. We were recently interviewed by C.J. Hughes of the New Times which was published on January 22, 2013. Following is an excerpt of the interview:

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