Business Records and Document Storage

Is it difficult to find files in your office? Are you running out of space to store office records? The amount of printed business documents produced annually is increasing at a rate of approximately 15% per year. Now, that’s a lot of paper!

With custom racking and organizational tools, storing office records in our storage facility has never been easier. At Gotham Mini Storage, we specialize in secure business storage in Manhattan for document storage, including:

  • Personnel records
  • Bank records
  • Accounts payable and receivable ledgers
  • Insurance policies and medical records
  • Contracts and leases
  • Sales and tax records
  • Corporate records
  • Deeds and mortgages
  • Licenses and permits
  • Patents
  • Property records

Keep Document Storage in Arm’s Reach

How much of your expensive Manhattan office space is being used for storing office records that you hardly ever use? At Gotham Mini Storage, we understand that your business is required to maintain business records to satisfy legal, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements. We also know how expensive Manhattan commercial rent can be and while you don’t need to access these old business records every day you do need to store them, resulting in overflowing cabinets and stacked boxes in your expensive office space.

That’s why we recommend using Gotham Mini Storage for your business storage and document storage needs. We have many satisfied Manhattan businesses that choose to rent our storage units for convenient document storage.

Keep Business Documents Secure

Frequently, personal business records like, payroll and medical records are kept in unsecure warehouse space or unlocked offices. Business storage is safe at Gotham Mini Storage because only you have access to your business storage unit. No one else, including our staff, has access to your business property. Gotham Mini Storage’s high security includes 24/7 video surveillance, keypad entry system, and monitoring by the TSA.

Keep Business Documents Protected in a Climate-Controlled Self Storage Unit

A huge advantage of using Gotham Mini Storage to store your business documents is to keep your business documents safe from damaging elements. Our business self storage and mini storage units are much less susceptible to water, fire and environmental damages that can occur in an office environment. Our mini storage and self-storage units offer airtight and protected environments where as office buildings are largely open to the elements and have a higher potential of fire or water damage. Gotham Mini Storage’s climate controlled units prevent wide temperate fluctuations that can damage business documents.

Keep Your Home Office Free From Paper Clutter

Do you run a business from your Manhattan home? If you do, the boundary between home and office can get pretty blurred when stacks of paperwork and documents start creeping into your living areas, especially if you’re running a document based business. For those documents that you don’t need on a day to day basis but need to have for tax purposes, recording purposes or for legal purpose Gotham Mini Storage’s self storage facility in Manhattan can be a great solution to your business storage needs. You have the option with Gotham Mini Storage to store all your important office records into a business storage unit. Make sure to clearly mark boxes and files with time periods so these records remain as accessible to you as possible!

Storing Office Documents Saves Businesses Money

Document storage at Gotham Mini Storage helps you save money by freeing up expensive office space and can significantly lower your storage costs. Consider the expense involved with renting additional office space to store office records. You could easily spend more than $1,500 a month to rent additional office space just to store business records. Instead, you could spend $100 or less a month to rent a mini storage unit to store those same business records.

Today we are faced with increased rent costs for businesses and because of these rising costs, self-storage and mini storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular to store important business documents that need to be retained for legal reasons. While you can certainly rent additional office space, the bottom line is that it’s far more cost effective for you to rent mini storage space or business self storage space than it is to rent additional office space, especially when you factor in the additional heating and electrical expenses that come with a bigger space.

Don’t overlook the benefits that self storage facilities can offer your business. In the long run, our business storage units will save you money as well as protect your business records. And that’s good news for both small business owners and major corporations alike. Located at 501 10th Avenue (at 39th Street) in New York City, Gotham Mini Storage is especially convenient to businesses located in Chelsea, Greenwich Village, West Village, Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen.